We believe by doing so will prevent problems in the future.009 mm (9 galvanized steel coil micron) diameter.

We at D. Benatav have acquired many years of experience in dealing with ultra fine wires and in the production of micro coils with and without cores.M. These phenomena include, among others:Stretching, tearing, stress release, temperature change, protection from blows and shocks, winding fill factors, erosion and aging, in addition to the question of how to connect the exits of the ultra fine wires emerging from the micro coils using the correct technology.
Wound micro coils are produced using ultra fine wires made of copper means,
using color steel sheet wires gauge from 0.
Many developments and the use of modern technologies reflect a global increase in the consumption of micro coils wound with fine wires in the field of medicine in particular: disposable equipment, sensors and sensing equipment.

The production of micro coils and use of ultra fine wires are part of the problems. The designer or developer is facing many questions, such as:
Which technology and means to use?
How to design micro coils?
Which ultra fine wires to use?
What will an assembly line that is capable of handling ultra fine wires and/or micro coils look like?
Proper industrialization of the production process and the means, with the goal of attaining a reasonable financial cost for the production and assembly of micro coils. These wires can be used to produce wrapped micro coils,contain wrapped thousands of terns facing external dimensions of the coil being less than a millimeter.
Our Company has the ability to assist you and meet your needs in designing and producing micro coils with ultra fine wires furthermore, designing and manufacturing special winding machines that capable of dealing with micro coils and ultra fine wires, designing and building equipment for ultra fine wires connections and for connecting wires and/or micro terminals, innovative technologies for designing and building micro coil assembly stations through the whole process from the production of micro coils to their placement as an assembly.

Due to the high level of sensitivity of ultra fine wires and the production of micro coils, mechanical loads and other phenomena must taken into consideration in the initial product development stage.

In summary, designer or a developer who needs micro coils, which contain ultra fine wires will act wisely at the very beginning stages of the development product by participate the micro coils manufacturer in the whole process.030 mm (30 microns) down to 0