The stock market is soaring. Retail sales are up. Unemployment is down. Yet, it is still as competitive as ever. Every opportunity seems like the only one. So, you have to make sure that your presentation style is up to competition. A good binding system can be the difference between winning and losing sales.

Why do I say this? Well, consider this. Have you ever been in a meeting where criticism has been focused on the style of a document over the substance presented? The focus is on the document and not what can be done. A good binding machine can help avoid the style gap. As an example, consider this:

Presenter: You can increase production by adding this one machine that can produce 200 pieces an hour over the 50 pieces today.. The Aerocut will feed, cut, crease and collate allowing you to process 200 pieces an hour versus 50 pieces an hour using the old system.

Person 2: I don't like the color of the font you are using. Can you make it red?

Person 3: Yes, it would look better on the grey background.

Believe it or not, people do buy style over substance. A good example was a local custom web design shop. They had the best presentation material. They had custom paper made with an abstract of their logo embedded into the paper. The covers were custom made with their logo. The proposal documents were 2nd to none. They punched the covers and papers using a comb binding machine. The style hid the fact that the substance was not there. They custom built features that are readily available in commercial or open source systems. In the end, substance lost over style.

There are several binding machine systems that can be considered, they include:

1. Coil Binding

Great for marketing. The documents open back to back. If you need multiple colors for marketing, coil binding offers.

2. Comb Binding

Comb can be used for marketing too. The comb binding comes in multiple colors as well. Page removal is easy. You simply have to open up the comb to replace a page.

3. Wire Binding

Wire is a very classy looking bind. It makes your documents look very nice and comes in multiple colors. It fits all size of presentations.

4. Unibind System

The Unibind system is very easy to use. You simply print out the document. Place them into a clear our hardcover bind. Set the presentation on a heat element to warm up the glue. You are set to go, as the pages bind into the cover. Simple to use and it is very easy.

If you provide a great product or service, you need a good binding machine to build a great proposal. A good binding system does help increase sales. If it is constructed properly, it takes the style question out of people's mind. Demonstrating your attention to detail on a proposal also gives an indication how you manage your customers. Why risk losing out against a competitor that uses style over substance?