It is amazing that a material as simple as a spring can be so essential to various industries. From machinery to electronics, automotive, and many others, a top quality spring can make all the difference. For a company or a personal project you can get reliable springs from a trusted manufacturer, AmmTech Spring.

Based out of Richmond, British Columbia, AmmTech Spring is the leading manufacturer of top quality coil springs and wire forms. With over 40 years of combined experience in coil spring manufacturing, AmmTech Spring has been able to offer their clients a broad range of options including Precision Prototyping, Custom Springs, Short Runs and Large Production Runs to clients of all types. Whether they are Industrial, Commercial, Retail, or individual companies that are in need of the highest quality of springs, AmmTech Spring is equipped with the design capabilities to ensure all clients receive what they require.

With each order, AmmTech Spring makes every effort to meet or exceed industry standards. They take pride in their ability to offer industry leading springs while keeping lead times short and on time with much of their work completed in 1.5 weeks or less. AmmTech Spring can provide you with Specialty Springs adapted to your specific need for size, shape, and type. Their custom made springs are made on-site along with their other products including Compression Spring, Extension Spring, Torsion Spring, and Wire forms.

Compression Spring:

One of the coil springs offered by AmmTech Spring is the Compression Spring. These are open-coil helical springs that provide resistance to a compressive force applied axially. They have the most common configuration and are most commonly used in automotive, aerospace, and consumer applications. If you can recall how a trampoline is held together, it uses compressive springs to provide a bounce against the force of a jump. Most compression springs are straight and formed from a rounded wire in the shape of a cylinder. AmmTech Spring proudly offers a variety of compression spring types and shapes to meet specific requirements.

Extension Spring:

AmmTech Spring also offer extension springs that are meant to absorb and store energy by providing a resistance to a pulling force. Normally, an extension spring is made from a rounded wire that is closely wound with initial tension. This forms a design perfectly suited for tape cassette players, balance scales, garage doors, washing machines, and applications that may require various types of tensioning devices. Extension springs come with varying ends as well to correspond with the item it is used for. Options for extension spring ends are limitless; everything from full loops to open hooks can be formed if needed.

Torsion Spring:

Another highly regarded item offered by AmmTech Spring is their torsion spring. It is used to apply torque or to store rotational energy, commonly referred to as torsion or double torsion. A torsion spring exerts torque in a circular arc and the arms rotate the central axis. You may have witnessed a torsion spring in action if you have used a clothes pin or have watched a mousetrap snap shut.

Whether you're interested in a compression, torsion, or extension spring of high quality for your own project or as a vital material for your company services, AmmTech Spring is the go-to business. For more information about AmmTech Spring, visit Ammtechspring.