If you are not sure how to trace the experts, try to use the internet. Chances are high that you will not only find a company serving your area but also one that can offer free consultations or troubleshooting. Nevertheless, you can make use of the internet in a different way. Search for information and tips on how to trace a problem on a faulty spa system. There are websites that offer step by step methods of handling a technical problem.
Since you are already reading this article, the next few ideas and suggestions might be of use to you. Immediately after noting a problem, check what is going on with the spa pump. Is the pump’s impeller facilitating movement of water via the system or not? If you find that the water flow is reduced, then you should immediately identify it as the cause of little or no passage. Spa heaters will often not work when the water levels are very low. Next, try to find out why the level of water is down. Could the filter be clogged?
Sometimes you may have to dismantle the system to see exactly what is going on inside it. Assuming that everything is all right with the pump parts, you have to carry out a few electrical tests. Testing the heating element can be done in two ways. You can test from a single terminal to ground or directly at the two terminals that many heaters have. The first option is not the best when you want to troubleshoot a very serious problem because it always show positive results even when the system is faulty.
If the galvanized steel coil is passing just fine, the next thing you want to do is the amp test. This may be a bit difficult for a trial and error technician. If you do know how to do it then go on and call a qualified expert. If your spa is quite young, perhaps you still have its instruction booklet somewhere in the house. Who knows if it could get you started in your efforts to trace the root of the problem? See, the Spa heaters tips you can find online are general and it is almost impossible to find an article that describe the exact heating element you own.