The manifestation of India & color steel sheet steel are also evident in the fact that the largest steel making company Arcelor Steel is owned by an Indian. One of the example of a state of art of coil coating is called Clima roof Coating.

Clima roof coating are necessary in heat islands like metropolitan city like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc.
Steel & Cement are the two biggest building blocks of any economy. A post finishing activity creates the finish design and application of pre-finish steel. Their state of the art sister organization called Srisol Research Foundation is also a consultant to many steel plants and end users like manufacturers of refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, dish washer, etc. The energy savings can make this low cost housing dream a success at the same time offering value addition. These coatings are also being developed as an alternate to a conventional house thereby offering low cost housing benefits to the masses.

. More so, in a country like India, where we have the 2nd largest iron ore reserves, steel plays a very important role in the building of our nation. A pre- painted steel house is not only faster to make but also durable against corrosion, weathering and other environmental hazards for 20 to 30 years with Clima roof coating from Srisol. A Pre-finishing activity makes and forms the physical state of steel like steel bar for construction or a steel plate for machine building or steel coil for automotive building. Coil coating is one such activity.

Srisol is the largest coil coating manufacturer in India supplying to all the steel plants in India and abroad.

Steel can be painted in two ways post & pre paint.

SRISOL Group serves customers around the world with products ranging from Industrial Coating, Packaging Coating, SRISOL Coil Coating, metal coatings, aerosol, revosol-pvc free plastisol, etc. But in case of Clima roof coating one can achieve temperature difference as high as 14 to 18 F inside building without any insulation as per ASTM standards. It is through this state of the art relationship that Srisol has been able to launch many new coating for steel industry thereby adding value to performance of color coated steel.
Coil coating on the other hand corrugated steel sheet is a steel coil having been already coated/pre painted to allow a refrigerator manufacturer to simply form a fridge & sell it. For steel to be used it has to be processed & this process can be pre-finish and post-finish activity in nature. This process is not only environmental unsustainable but also less productive and labour intensive. This clearly makes coil coating the most environmentally sustainable, least pollution causing, labour saving & high productivity operation. This is also comprehended in the fact that we were the first democracy to nationalize integrated steel plants like Durgapur Steel Plant, Rourkela Steel Plant and other steel plants right after independence. To take an example, a refrigerator made out of steel when post painted requires first making a refrigerator and then painting and finishing it. As we all know white color absorbs less heat than dark color